Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hand Dye Day @ El Prado - The Rockers do not hold back

 Meet Jennifer, our teacher for the 2nd annual Hand Dye Day @ El Prado. Oh - the things we are about to learn

Our students are all ready to take notes & c-r-e-a-t-e color.

We were SO lucky to be able to be indoors, in the barn as the weather was San Juan sketchy outside.
 ...& they're off!

picking up any trade secrets here?
 & then we got to do tonals...

Just like in knitting, you must stand back & admire your work.

These are a lot of our creations - some 100% bamboo (morning session) others are merino & cashmere (afternoon session)

You simply have no idea how much fun this all is!

6th Anniversary & Cat Mountain Trunk Show, aka: Film Festival for the 40th time

Cat Mountain Trunk Show

An outdoor trunk show happened over Telluride's 40th annual Film Festival, featuring Cat Mountain's Hand Dyed Fusion fiber kits, single fiber hand dyes & examples of each knit up. Oh! The Eye Candy!

Kimberly, Cat Mountain's creator can't help but be pleased w/the success of this display. Jenny Sullivan, sporting her hand knit skirt caved & found a gorgeous selection.

Jenny shows off a Knit Swirl display garment in one of Kimberly's delicious colorways - you've simply GOT to come in & schmoosh these fusion fiber kits to fully understand this gushing.

We love when knitters hold down our benches!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Autumn Needlepoint Canvas

We will finally fill out our needlepoint canvas' with an autumn scene. We LOVE Wilson Peak in the background. We should have 2 sizes in by the end of September!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jenny's Queensland SKIRT!

Who knew? 6 years & we still love chocolate! Go figure.

Earlier this year, Jenny modeled THE skirt, such as it was...

& now she's flipped over the completion of THE skirt! (weird, the picture was right side up in our file, but transferred over sideways.

How swingy IS THE skirt! Again, Jenny's just flipped over it!