Monday, May 26, 2008

Main Event 5-25-08 Pinon Wood Farm Shetland Lambs

Hershey & Ute come to Needle Rock for a visit. They are 7 week old Shetland Lambs, twins who were orphaned after only a few days.

Lozen is happy to hold Hershey~

Child in the pen - helmet NOT required, but what the heck?

Kat Snip enjoys the soft fleece.

Peg getting Ute ready to go to the Wool Show. His first day in a harness.

Hershey is thirsy & has a most capable assistant.

Ute's turn with his bottle.

What a great afternoon we had with these incredible animals, whose fleece will one day be beautiful knitted items, thanks to Peg & Woody's dedicated care and talent to spin.

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